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Your Greatness Is Our Goal
What We Believe

Teams are more than a family unit; we are individuals bound together by choice, dedicated to achieving greatness.



We work together collaboratively and use the power of team synergy to achieve common goals.
We take responsibility. Do what we say we're going to do, and count on each other to get it done.
Ignore the noise. Put energy into what is important. Focus and strategise the long game.
Our agency is run by two former All-Star/HOF level players, we lead through wisdom and by example. All our actions and partnerships are built on mutual trust and integrity.
We honour our commitment to our mission and clients. A truly client-centric agency that has your back during the highs and lows.
We aim high for our clients and team. Their success is our ultimate goal.
What We Do


Contract Negotiations

Our skilled team of agents and attorneys will effectively negotiate our client's contracts with teams throughout the entire process. From pre-draft to post to deals with marketing partners and beyond. Our goals are simple, understanding the marketplace and securing the best possible deal for our athletes.

Draft Strategy Health + Training

This is a crucial time in the process and our team is educated with a winning strategy. Our holistic approach involves support and guidance with what it takes to increase your rankings and secure your place in NBA history in becoming a professional athlete. Our state-of-the-art training facilities along with professional coaches and intense training will get you to that next level of readiness.

Marketing Strategies

Our veteran team of marketing professionals will meet and strategize to create Brand identity, ideas that will attract and secure regional and national marketing opportunities. The first step in this process is listening to and identifying the players vision for their NBA Career and beyond.

Media + Public Relations Development

Our team will coordinate press strategies and develop media plans that will enhance the image, reputation and brand of our athletes.  We will help support our athletes through their journey in developing their Brand and message as they enter this space fully supported and prepared.

Day-to-day Player Management

Our athletes will be fully supported with day-to-day client services available to them. We pride ourselves on our personal touch in helping our athletes stay organized and aware of their daily schedules. Having someone oversee and help manage all that will be coming towards our athletes is essential in their success. Our dedicated team will tirelessly serve the daily needs of our athletes.

Career Development + Business Building

Career Development and Business Building focuses on maximizing playing careers while building off the court business opportunities. Our expertise, experience and available opportunities will teach you how to create your own wealth and find your seat at the table. Our vision is for long-term wealth building and assisting with creating a satisfying and purposeful life beyond the game.

Social Media Support + Development

Our team will create and administer social media plans on all platforms to help build audience and ensure customer engagement to maximize exposure. This in turn will equate to revenue opportunities as social media presence become enhanced with active engagement. The ability to control one's own message and connection to their fans is essential in Brand development.

Community Impact Development

The Seven1 team will identify causes important to our athletes, develop community relation programs to enhance image and show genuine commitment to their new community. The connection to a new community can positively affect the whole athlete experience and our team will assist every step of the way.