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At Seven1, our desire and focus to positively guide and impact the next generation of professional athletes is the leading principle that defines this journey. Our deep experience and vast knowledge will help develop young players to reach their personal and professional potential. We have been where you are headed and know how to get you through this journey with great success from beginning to end.


We made the commitment to create an agency that will cater to and serve the next generation of athletes. Our unique perspective and years of experience will benefit every athlete and their family that joins our journey at Seven1.


Honesty, dedication, hard work and an insatiable desire for success are the pillars of who we are and what we represent. Our playing careers are behind us and now it’s our life’s purpose to help the next generation of professional athletes reach their goals and prepare for the life that lays ahead of them. 


Our team is ready. The time is now. Your future starts here.

Jermaine O'Neal  &   Tracy McGrady

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