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Tracy McGrady

Tracy began his career beating the odds and sustaining a 15-year career at the highest level. A no-name kid entered the Adidas ABCD camp for mostly nationally ranked high school players. Tracy wasn’t one that was ranked nationally…yet. He was given the last spot at that camp; #175. After just a few short days, Tracy left that camp ranked #1. He knows about grit, hard work and wanting something so deeply it is all you think about. That is how Tracy began his career and throughout his 15 years in the NBA, he was celebrated as one of the best players of all time. The awards and recognition throughout his career came to a pinnacle in 2017 as he was inducted to the NBA Hall of Fame. From draft day in 1997 to his last game, 15 seasons later, Tracy has cemented himself in NBA history as one of the Greats. Tracy has success off the court as well with contracts exceeding 150million dollars in marketing partnerships. He knows this space and what it takes to maximize your brand.


After retirement, Tracy dedicated himself to learning a new field in broadcasting which came naturally to him. Being an on-air NBA analyst was satisfying and allowed him to still be involved in the game he loves.  Tracy's desire of wanting something more hands on that utilizes his experience to benefit others, became the driving force in opening Seven1 with his longtime friend, Jermaine O'Neal. He is looking forward to guiding the next generation of athletes through their journey.

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